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For Immediately Release:
August 9, 2015

<strong>Marcel Anderson Lands Contract in Czech Republic at the 2015 GBSL</strong>

Marcel Anderson signed with Sluneta Usti Nad Labem of the Czech Republic and will team up with another GBSL All Star Dana Kendrid. Marcel Anderson has landed his 3<sup>rd</sup> job by participating at the GBSL Las Vegas event. He received his first offer from a club in Iceland after he was selected the Co MVP of our 2011 event but turned down the deal. His first GBSL job was with the Rochester Razorsharks (PBL) in 2011 when former NBA player Cliff Levingston was the head coach of the PBL powerhouse team. Levingston actually signed (4) players from the GBSL that year and was seen scouting at the 2015 GBSL this summer. Rochester Razorsharks are considered one of the best minor league franchises in the market. In 2012, Marcel came back to the GBSL and was named MVP again resulting in a job offer from the Maine Red Claws on the NBA D League. Mike Taylor and Tunde Adekola were the coaches of the NBA D League team at the time and previously scouted Marcel at the 2011 GBSL &amp; 2012 GBSL events.

Marcel Anderson played last season in Irag and put up some staggering statistics but wanted to come back to the 2015 GBSL to market himself for a European contract. He was scheduled to play in both 2015 GBSL sessions but a minor hamstring sideline him for second session. However, he captured the attention of Martin Stavels the head coach of the Czech Republic club in his first couple of GBSL games and signed the deal in Las Vegas.

Marcel has been a GBSL poster boy the past (5) years. He hailed from a small NAIA school outside his Chicago Home called Harris Stowe and attended our Chicago exposure event in 2010 where he was named MVP. We invited him to participate in our 2010 Las Vegas event due to him immense talent. We wanted to expose him to a larger audience of scouts but unfortunately he injured his ankle in the first game at the Las Vegas event. He came back the next summer and the Marcel Anderson story began at the GBSL

The GBSL expects Marcel to be dominant in the Czech Republic league and also to provide excellent guidance to Dana Kendrid in his first professional basketball adventure. There are (12) other players that have received offers at the 2015 GBSL event and over the next few days we will be issuing press releases on some of the signings. We expect over (30) signings resulting from the 2015 GBSL in combination with the post event marketing.

<strong>Meet Marcel Anderson</strong>

<img title=”Marcel Anderson” src=”https://cb8df036d3-custmedia.vresp.com/8e9782ee3f/Marcel%20Anderson.jpg” alt=”Marcel Anderson” width=”250″ height=”313″ align=”none” border=”0″ hspace=”0″ vspace=”0″ />
Position: PG
Size: 6’0” &amp; 185lbs
2014-15 Team: Nift Al–Janoub (Iraq)
2013-14 NBA D League (20 Starts)

Marcel Anderson is the former GBSL MVP that has landed multiple jobs at our summer events including his first NBA D league stint with the Maine Red Claws in 2013-14. He also played in the PBL and last season in Iraq where he averaged 27ppg and 9apg. He is a very explosive PG with amazing speed and quickness that specializes in running a team. He is a scoring point guard that is deadly in transition and by using his speed, dribble penetration and quickness. Marcel is a quality defender and his NBA D League experience has improved his overall decision making. He is a quality professional PG that is excellent for leagues like Germany and Belgium. Marcel is looking for a quality situation next year in the international market. He averaged 25ppg &amp; 6.5apg during his first two games at the GBSL. He was injured early in the 3<sup>rd</sup> game of the event and his GBSL average was reduced to 17ppg and 4apg. Marcel is an exceptional talent for the international market.

<strong>2015 GBSL Session A Stats:</strong>
PPG 17.0; APG 4.5; FG% 0.45

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