London—– Shane Lawal plays for FC Barcelona, one of the top professional basketball clubs in the world that competes in the Euroleague and in the ACB Spanish League. He is also a member of the Nigerian National Team that will compete in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil and won the 2015 African Championships. Shane Lawal landed his first European job in the 2010-11 season in LEB Silver (Spain) as a result of the 2010 GBSL All Big Man Team post event marketing.

Shane’s journey from the GBSL Las Vegas event included stints in Libya, LEB Gold Spain, Italy Lega Due, Kazakhstan-VTB League and Sassari (Euroleague & Italy Seria A). In Libya, he experienced a life threatening situation when civil war erupted and local Africans where being executed on the spot. Shane and his teammate fearing for their safety hid in a hotel for a week without communication. They eventually escape Libya on the British (HMS Cumberland) ship that was headed to Malta. The situation almost made him quit basketball but his faith in his ability and God made him continue the journey.

Prior to the GBSL, he played a couple of seasons in Kuwait and Qatar, which is a popular destination for inside players with African passports.  Athletes that frequently play in the Middle East leagues usually decrease their European value and end their careers in inferior overseas markets.

The online marketing of the GBSL All Big Man Team provided a jump start to Shane’s European basketball career and secured a deal with a third division team in Spain. He played extremely well in his first season which prompted an opportunity with an LEB Gold team in the 2011-12 season. Shane’s talent and dominance elevated his European career to more prominent teams every year.

In 2015, Shane signed a two year deal with FC Barcelona and had a very effective season this year that was briefly interrupted due to a knee injury. He is currently focused on having a successful 2016 Olympic campaign and a healthy season next year for FC Barcelona. His career progression has been phenomenal to date and the NBA is the only level he has not experienced.

Shane’s basketball journey is the most inspiring GBSL story because he is at the pinnacle of European basketball after facing significant challenges. He played at a NCAA Division II program (Wayne State) and made his way to the Euroleague through the back door of International basketball. His adventure is filled with unscrupulous agent dealings and the obstacles of playing in low level professional leagues.

A couple of years ago Shane contacted Darryl Reshaw the Director of the GBSL to personally thank him for helping to jump-start his career. Darryl Reshaw was amazed by the gesture and did not realize that the online promotion of the 2010 GBSL All Big Man team helped Shane secure his first European job. Shane explained that the routine online promotion made a significant impact to his career.

 Shane’s Career Accomplishments:

2013-14 Kazakhstan National Championship with BC Astana; 2014-15 Italian National Championship with Dinamo Sassari; 2014 Kazakhstan National Cup with BC Astana; 2015 Italian National Cup with Dinamo Sassari; 2014 Italian Super Cup with Dinamo Sassari; 2015 Spanish Super Cup with FC Barcelona; Led the 2012-13 Italian Lega Due in rebounding (13.6 rpg.) and blocking shots (1.8 bpg.); Member of the Nigerian National Team; Gold Medal at the 2015 African Championship.


Over the years the GBSL event has impacted hundreds of overseas player’s careers by providing on location exposure and post event marketing. The GBSL scouting platform is predicated on providing accurate player evaluation to the online basketball community. The GBSL post event marketing targets thousands of overseas basketball executives on an annual basis. The NBA partnered with the GBSL (4) years ago and uses the event as a training platform for their developing referees.

 Shane Lawal’s 2010 GBSL Scouting Report

Shane Lawal (206-F/C-86, agency: KMG Sports Management, college: Wayne St., MI) won the GBSL Las Vegas Championship and made the GBSL Las Vegas All Big Man team. He is 6’9′ and 225lbs and very athletic and has very long arms. He is an excellent shot blocker and defensive player who rebounds extremely well and plays above the rim. He runs the floor like a deer and plays extremely hard on both ends of the court. Offensively he has nice skills around the basket and will dunk on someone in a flash. He is a big time sleeper and should be a Cotonou on an ACB or LEB team in Spain. Last season he played in Qatar and averaged 15ppg and 13rpg. Shane holds a Nigerian passport.

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