For Immediate Release – 6/05/2016

Manu Schmitt of Union Neuchâtel (Swiss LNA) will coach Swiss Select in the 2016 GBSL

Date: July 6th – July 9th (Session A)

Venue: Doolittle Community Center, Las Vegas, NV

Manu Schmitt will manage Swiss Select, one of the featured international teams competing in the quarter-final tournament in Las Vegas. The international clubs will use the event to evaluate ten (10) free agent imports of their choice over a (4) day period. The event format is similar to the NBA Summer League. Union Neuchâtel is one of the top teams in the LNA (Switzerland) and they made the Swiss League Championship Finals in 2014-15 & 2015-16 and won the Swiss Cup of the League in the 2013-14 season.


Manu Schmitt of Union Neuchâtel is looking to sign a couple of players for his club and will be providing scouting information to coaching associates in the LNB; the second division in Switzerland where American Imports currently play.

Union Neuchâtel Requires:

  • An athletic wing player (3) that is very athletic;
  • Combo (1/2) that can do everything
  • Inside legitimate 4 that can defend, rebound and score in the low post.
  • A Quality Low Post (5) Man
  • All other positions are required for their summer league roster and will be scouted for other teams in the LNB Swiss League

Meet Manu Schmitt:


Manu Schmitt, the Head Coach of the Union Neuchâtel is one of the top professional coaches in Switzerland. He is a former player who played professionally in France for 18 years. Manu has been a professional coach since 2002 in France (Pro A) which is considered one of the top leagues in Europe. He is also the former Swiss National Team Head Coach (2004-2008). He landed his head coaching job of Union Neuchâtel in 2013 and has had immediate success. Manu Schmitt led the team to the Swiss League Cup Winner Championship in 2013-14 and a Swiss LNA Championship Finalist in the 2014-15 season. He is looking to recruit two quality American players who will be difference makers for Union Neuchâtel next season in their pursuit of a Swiss League Championship.

Swiss League (LNA)


The LNA Switzerland is an excellent league in Central Europe for American imports to begin their basketball careers. The league has a limit of (3) American imports. Many American professional players have successfully begun their careers in the LNA (Switzerland).  Switzerland is immediately surrounded by popular European basketball centers such as France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Playing professional basketball in Switzerland provides a multitude of opportunities for young American athletes.

Recruiting and Exposure:

The GBSL Las Vegas event provides a very effective recruiting opportunity for the Manu Schmitt to evaluate quality imports over a four day period in a professional environment. The event features NBA developing referees, 40 minute regulation games, NBA rules & 24 second shot clock, scheduled practices, internet & televised games with play by play broadcasting and high-level pro competition. Additionally, Pointstreak Technology is the statistical partner of the GBSL. They provide ESPN like game casting, up-to-date scores, stats, schedules, standings and rosters that are automatically generated and shared online with players, parents, fans, scouts and media. Global Basketball media property consistently promotes the event’s all tournament teams, news, transactions and other developments to the international basketball community. The GBSL marketing objective is to provide an immediate impact to the Union Neuchâtel brand within the global sport business market.

Swiss Select Summer League Team:

Players, agents and coaches that are interested in securing a spot on the Swiss Select Summer League team should contact the Global Basketball Summer League immediately. All participants are required to register on the GBSL site for consideration. If an applicant is selected by the club they will be required to pay the GBSL registration fee.

Only high-level prospects that played in the 2015-16 season at a NCAA Division 1 program, 2015-16 Small College All Americans or professional experienced players will be considered. There will be other professional teams evaluating talent at the GBSL combined with hundreds of other international scouts and agents attending the event.

For consideration to play on the Swiss Select Summer League Team please email your resume, highlight film and fill out the GBSL registration information.

GBSL Contact:

USA: Tel: 877-209-2220

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