Hikeem Champaigne

Hikeem Champaigne

Hikeem Champaigne


6'9 & 215lbs

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Hikeem Champaigne

Position: 4/5

Size: 6’9” & 215lbs

2015-16 Team: EBA (Spain)

Hikeem secured a job in the EBA league in Spain due to the promotion of the GBSL.  Champaigne is a very athletic power forward that has an incredible 7’ foot wing span. He plays above the rim and runs the floor like a deer. Hikeem has the ability of impacting a game without getting a lot of touches and he is a quality character off the court. He excels on block shots, defense and lob dunks. He has a quality mid range jump shot and will be a pure (4) man at the professional level.

2015 GBSL Las Vegas Session A Stats:

PPG 8.0; FG%; RPG 10.7; FG% 0.545

Hikeem Champaigne College Highlights: