Anthony Hickey

Anthony Hickey

Anthony Hickey

Point Guard

6'0 & 185lbs


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Anthony Hickey

Position: PG

Size: 6’0” & 190lbs

2015-16 Team: Asseco (Poland)


Anthony Hickey is having a tremendous season in Poland and the GBSL marketing helped his agent secure him a job in the quality Polish League.  Hickey is a crafty PG that has a variety of scoring skills and the ability to run a professional team. International scouts at the GBSL event were impressed with his dribble penetration skills and the ability to break the defense down and make others around him better. He is a good athlete and has a pro body that is ready for the international level. Anthony played at LSU and Oklahoma State where he averaged 10ppg in the 2014-15 season.

2015 GBSL Las Vegas Stats:

PPG 18.3; APG 5.3; FG% 0.51

Anthony Hickey Oklahoma State Highlights: